ATV Rules and Release

BAS-G1 Duck Club ATV/UTV Rules and Reliability Release Agreement

Every BAS-G1 Dick Club Member is responsible for taking care of all the roads into and out of the blind areas.  The Duck Club will be charged for any required road repair at the end of the season.  The following rules apply to all ATV/UTV use on all BAS-G1 Duck Club properties.  There may also be restrictions for individual properties which you will find outlined on the website’s property page.


A release is required to operate an ATV/UTV on any BAS-G1 Duck Club blind properties.

By filling out and submitting the form below, you will be agreeing to the ATV/UTV Rules, registering your ATV/UTV for use, and you will be accepting full responsibility, including any damages, resulting from the use of your ATV/UTV.


1)        You must stay on the roads at all times (unless you have staff permission to move material to a designated blind).

2)        ATV/UTVs MUST yield to hunters/dogs -- walkers have the right of way.

3)        15 mph speed limit when roads are dry and not rutted.

4)        5 mph speed limit when roads are wet or muddy or rutted.

5)        Under wet/muddy conditions, ATV/UTV’s are only allowed on the main perimeter roads (i.e. ATV/UTVs are prohibited from driving on inside perimeter roads/paths, such as to Spangler blinds #1, #2, #4, or #5, except to drop off "permanently mobility impaired” hunters).

6)        Wet/muddy conditions exist if your tires are picking up mud - except for an occasional low muddy spot (steer to avoid such spots).

7)        You must park your ATV/UTV in the designated parking areas (see map for each property on the website).

8)        You must comply with all State and local laws/rules regarding operation of your ATV/UTV.

9)        ATV/UTVs are not to be driven through closed areas (see map for each property on the website).

10)     Ever ATV/UTV user is responsible for checking the website for any other requirements, including but not limited to property specific rules/limits.

Agreement to ATV/UTV Rules

I, , have read and understand the BAS-G1 Duck Club ATV/UTV Rules and Liability Release Agreement and hereby agree to abide by the rules.  If there are repair charges to the club for road/property damage, I understand I may be liable for costs associated with such repair.  I agree to hold the BAS-G1 Duck Club harmless for any i) injuries to persons, or ii) damage to property (in whole or in part) associated with my use of an ATV/UTV.  I understand that violating these rules may result in the loss of my authorization to use my ATV/UTV for the remainder of the season. 


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