Don’t forget to make/cancel reservations so that we do not have empty seats when there are hunters wanting to see how well the various blinds are shooting .  And remember it is a Rules violation to either show up at any blind without the correct reservation or fail to cancel a reservation when you will not be in the blind.  These rules are enforced and violations will result in a suspension of hunting rights for initial violations and expulsion from the Club or a repeat violation.

Our Blind Coordinators need your input if a blind is not in appropriate condition.  Please reach out to them:

Spangler – Brian Issertell (916-662-4538 or and Lowell Hackney (916-652-6388 or

Willy’s – Jeff Ramsdell (916-768-4036 or

Colusa – Vince Murdica (408-431-3197 or

Maxwell – Stanley Chan (916-425-7080 or

Cherokee Slough – Brad Kosmatin (916-865-8495 or

South Meyer – Jeff Foster, Jr. (650-288-9469 or

Gridley Road – Evan Jones (916-620-2007 or

Keep the faith and may your hunts be enjoyable and productive.