Hunter Hunter comment Number of Ducks Number of Geese Hunt Date Hunt Location
Tremblay Jerry4 wigeon, 1 spec, 1 snow - Hunted with Richard S., Reed the dog, and Chris T. The pond is not yet full. There is another blind on the next check, to the North-West. It is about 400 yards away and didn't affect us at all.4210-22-2022Colusa 4-man
Dale MellbergNothing but Pintail, in fact more than I have ever seen in all my days of hunting, so WHY, the one bird limit, it is a joke. This is Dale M. posting since I could not put my name in above!2010-22-22Colusa, 2 man
Tom Doshwhere's the report4002910/01/2022backyard
Jan SherryOne spec landed in decoys but got away0010/22/22Colusa 4 man
Anna Allison1 cripple found by dog1010/23/2022Colusa 4-man
Steve LomaxDecent geese coming through but most were too high. Only saw a few ducks at dusk0110/23/22Colusa 4 man
Evan JonesPretty slow3010/26/22Colusa 2 man
Ben CollinsI arrived late in the afternoon, no expectations. One car in the lot. I sat in the blind staring at the sky, waiting for anything besides the non waterfowl species. Finally it happened. Two flocks of spoonie s came rushing in. I unloaded my gun and watched birds drop all around. Not much after that. Still slow.5010/28/22Colusa2 man
Evan JonesSlowvember is here.0010/29/22Colusa 4 man
Steve PatersonMissed on a group of mallards and that was it. Very few ducks around0011-19-22Colusa 2 man afternoon
Dale MellbergNo shots fired, saw 2 ducks in 3 hours, and very high geese!0011-2-2022Colusa 2 man blind
Tremblay JerrySlow day - No ducks were flying near the blind. I used a Nikon Laser 1200 rangefinder to check the geese height at 125 yards. One hunter in the other nearby club got 1 spoonie. That's the only shots I heard.0011-21-2022Colusa 2-man
Dale MellbergIt's funny, I see a lot of guys putting in to hunt, but nobody is posting any results, I thought that was one of the things that we were said was MANDATORY?0011-28-=22home
Dale MellbergIt seems like nobody is doing the harvest report, as we were told it was MANDATORY, so hey guys, let's get with the program!0011-28-22home
Jim BiasottiNot a bird in the sky- north wind did not develop. Spent an hour spreading out decoys more – to make holes and look more natural. Also removed sinkers and positioned on check. Asked Jerry to reposition blind covers back away from the blind so you can sit in it with blind covers closed on both sides at eye level without it being on top of your head..0011-30 afternoonColusa #2
Dale MellbergDid not see a duck, lots of high geese!0011-30-22Colusa, 2 man
Jason DeoliveiraHunted the pm w/John Armer. When we arrived it was raining and birds were flying. As soon as clouds passed the birds stopped and that was it for the rest of the afternoon. One shot fired. There are lots of specks flying through the area up high. The dry field to the east was able to draw some down but no opportunities over our blind. The hunter in the blind to the south will blast his call at all birds even if they're 3 checks away.0011/01/2022Colusa 2-man
Anna AllisonSlow day0011/1/2022Colusa 2-man
Greg Damitz4 spoons 1 mallard. Only hunted 2 hours. No one in blind to.south so.working birds was possible5011/11/2022Colusa
Evan JonesStill not a whole lot of new, quality birds around yet. 3 spoons, 2 divers, 1 greenhead, and 1 errant honker.6111/11/22Colusa 2 man
Greg Damitz4 spoons, 1 greening, 1 spec5111/12/2022Colusa 2 man morning
Anna Allison1 pintail1011/12/2022Colusa 2-man
Tony Miceli1 pintail, 1 gadwall, 1 spoon3011/13Colusa 2 man
Steve LomaxWindy, tons of snow geese high but none in range, Didn't see many ducks, got 2 Gadwall out of the only small group to come in2011/14/22Colusa 4 man
Evan JonesDucks are non-existent now. Even the spoonies and divers that stopped by last week are gone. Shot 1 cackler.0111/16/22Colusa 2 man
Ngia Yang1 snow and 1 spoon, lots of geese in the area ducks are few and far in between. They are guiding hard around the area and sucking in geese from everywhere1111/18/2022Colusa 2 man
Greg DamitzPM hunt. O ly sawn10.ducks total and mone within 300 yards. Lots of high snows and specs.0011/18/22Colusa 2 man
Evan Jones1 snow, 2 specks. Still no ducks there.0311/18/22Colusa 4 man
RicK BoleyVery few ducks seen. Single Spec0111/23/2022colusa 2 man
Ben CollinsSaw 4 ducks total. very slow. didnt fire a shell.0011/23/22Colusa 2 man
Tony MiceliNo Ducks very slow. Lots of Geese high. Water is low on southside of check0011/26Colusa 2 man
Ben CollinsSlow Afternoon. Not much flying.4011/3/22Colusa 2 Man
Evan JonesStill very few ducks around as of today. 3 ducks in 2 ups. 2 spoons, 1 gadwall, 1 ross's goose.3111/30/22Colusa 4 man
Ngia Yang1 wigeon, 5 minutes after shoot time and that was it stayed til noon. Lots of geese but high not many ducks only fired 2 shots.1011/4Colusa 2man am
Jan SherryLots of wind; not many birds; Evan got 2 I got one; 2 teal one spoonie.3011/4Colusa 2 man
David Harrisone widgeon very hard with powerlines to get birds to commit on the south other blind west in the natural had a field day a ton of snows and specks decent amount of ducks...1011/6Colusa
Tremblay JerryColusa 2-man afternoon hunt with Ken Lomax: It was very slow - only 1 hen spoonie. It stopped raining when we arrived. There were a couple of guys hunting the 4-man, but it wasn't booked, so I don't know if people jump in there when we are not around.1011/8/2022Colusa 2-man
Ngia YangFoggy morning until about 8:30, was able to get a couple of specks to come within range but still high. took only 2 shots0012/02/2022Everglades
Jason Deoliveirahunted with Vince and a guest. We connected on only one spoony and one teal. Had a few other chances. There were multiple groups of pintail that were wanting to work the decoys but flared as soon as they flew over us. I was also able to coax two specks close enough to shoot but again they flared when going over. Some kind of blind cover would have helped. Personally I think hay layed out over the check with vertical steaks of straw would work..2012/04/2022Subacco West
Steve PatersonWeather couldn’t have been better for hunting. Still very few birds2012/04/2022Colusa 2 man AM
Evan JonesSeems like the storm actually blew many of what few ducks were around, out of the area, and none have replaced them from anywhere else just yet. 1 snow, 1 mallard.1112/2/22Colusa 4 man
RicK BoleySlow. 1 widgeon, 1 sponie2012/3/2022Colusa 4 man
Chris TremblayHunted with my Dad until about 9am. 2 ups for 2 spoons and a sprig. Not much flying at all. Adjusted the blind covers away from the blind. Guide to the east had about 10 hunters and bunch of full bodies about. They had 2 snows when we left. The road is getting pretty rough with the mud. The Hwy 20 entrance road is in better shape with all the rain lately.3012/3/2022Colusa 2 man
Sebastian MiceliAlot of both, Ducks and Geese, but all were flying high. Sunrise was the best opportunity, as their were some birds lower.0012/3/2022Subacco
Jan SherryLots of high geese on afternoon hunt. Casey got out his howitzer and nailed one snow. No ducks near, but flying high at the end of the day too.0112/4/2022Everglades
Jason ScottTons of geese up in the stratosphere, had about 5 sets of ducks pass close. Couple of misses from the tank, otherwise would have had more on the strap.1012/4/2022113 AM
Brian IssertellGot lucky on a snow - birds in the area, just nothing in range.0112/5/22Everglade
Steve PatersonSaw maybe 3 ducks.00November 6Colusa 2 man

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