Hunter Hunter comment Number of Ducks Number of Geese Hunt Date Hunt Location
Jim BiasottiNo shots fired as nothing came close. Had a sponny land way out there. A few ducks high. Nothing working. Blind cover is terrible. If you hunt Colusa - park on Highway 20 and walk in on the levee road. If you have a quad and trailer park just off the pavement on Hunter Road and drive in, Hunter road into the area is a mess- 4x4 would probably get stuck.00`12/30/2023Colusa AM
Jim BiasottiWind didn't show on big storm day. Geese were weary of our small 150 count spread- mostly socks. A few came in.1601-04 -2023Waterski Ranch
Greg DamitzGot soaked. Hunted 5 hours. Not as many area but still a fair amount.10001/02/2023Nestor 3
Steve PatersonWent out for a couple hours, Nice North wind, no ducks some high geese. There was no cover around the blind at all ….like none so I spent 45 min making bundles. It still needs a lot more brush0001/05/24Nestor 5 PM
Don HansenNo birds. High flying geese.0001/06/2024Nestor 5
Chris TremblayBrought the kids out to watch the sunrise and empty skies. Saw 2 flocks of ducks out in the distance.0001/07/2024Nestor 3 AM
Chris TremblaySolo AM hunt. 3 teal, 1 sprig, 2 snows, and 1 speck. Hunted until about 10am. Bailed water out of the blind, but the leak is filling it back up quickly. The hole is about a 1/4" in diameter and is on the bottom (northeast side). The leak could possibly be slowed with some JB water weld, tire plug, or wet patch. I reset many of the decoys that the storm reorganized, but I'm assuming the next storm will do the same thing.4301/08/2023Nestor #3
Don HansenJust high flying geese.0101/10/2024Everglade AM hunt
Steve PatersonWent out for a couple hours. In the afternoon. Good South Wind very few ducks seen, geese on all sides of the property. Scored on the only two opportunities1101/10/24Nestor 5
Steve PatersonEarly flight then fell off4101/14/2024Harbison
Jason CruceHunted with 2 juniors for one bull, one snow and one speck. Good south wind with high fog.1201/14/2024Everglades
Jason DeoliveiraAll the fields are flooded. I hunted the north ponds with socks along he check. The specks were moving east to west over the ponds but committed to landing in the the green fields to the west of us. Unfortunately I wasn't able to coax any within shooting distance. While setting up a guy was yelling at me from the road. Sounded like he had said I was tresspassing but I'm not sure. He never came out and left no notes at my truck. ???0001/15/2023Waterski
Tremblay JerryA confused man associated with the hunting area to the north of us called the sheriff. Three sheriff deputies with 2 patrol cars arrived. They tried the door handle on one of our trucks. They walked all the way out on the muddy trail to where we were hunting. The deputy said that the confused man said he was the land owner. Chris showed him the ONX map which showed that he was not the land owner. The deputy asked for the land use permit, so Chris called Stanley, so he could speak to the deputy. The deputy agreed that the confused man was not the land owner and the three deputies walked back to talk to him. They told us not to hunt until they talked to him. They phoned back and said it was OK to hunt. This confused man wasted over an hour of time for 3 deputies and stopped our hunting for at least 40 minutes while birds were flying. Our hunting had no effect on the distant hunters to the north of us. This confused man was just driving around, not hunting, and drove away after wasting all of our time. Anyways, we got 2 snows and a pintail. The center of the field is disced, muddy and very hard to walk in.1201/16/23Powerline / Riego Dry Goose
Chris TremblayHunted with my Dad, until about 9am then picked up decoys. Had 2 groups of teal and 1 widgeon come right into the decoys. Ended up with 4 teal and 1 widgeon. Nothing flying after 9am and the morning flight was minimal. Took all the decoys back to storage except 2 dozen duck decoys. Blue sky day with no rain or wind.5001/21/2023Colusa 2 man
Jason CruceTook some juniors out today. They shot one teal but had 4 or 5 other opportunities. Strong south wind kept the geese low but they would skirt the decoys once they entered the pond.1001/21/2024Everglade
Chris TremblayTook the kids out for a morning hunt with my Dad. Wind was blowing 10-15mph from the south, but the flight was minimal. Shot 2 widgeon. My 7 year old went for a swim trying to get one of the birds. The kids played "who can collect the most empty hulls". We had to drive through some large puddles >1' deep when coming in.2001/21/2024Harbison AM
Don Hansenbirds are high0001/21/2024Pelger
Tremblay JerryRemoved 4 mesh bags of duck decoys and returned to storage. Moved all of the east side remaining decoys in close to the check, because the ponds are drying out. Hunted for 30 minutes and got 2 specklebelly geese. The ponds are probably too dry to get any more ducks at this location. Lots of ducks were flying over the Sutter Bypass about 1/3 of a mile away.0201/23/2023Everglade
Tremblay Jerry1 spec, 1 pintail. Removed some decoys.1101/26/2024Everglade PM
Jan Sherry2 sprig, 1 teal, 1 spoon, Two specs. Sprig were around all afternoon but steered well clear of the blind despite championship style calling by our fearless leader. We did shoot two that sailed a long ways and recovered one of those. Not bad for a sunny and hot afternoon.4201/27/2024Nestor 5
Chris TremblayHunted with my Dad in the morning. Did not even see 10 ducks the whole morning, but we got 2 teal out of a group of 3. We brought in about 6 dozen decoys (25%), but there is still 18 dozen out there. Going to the parking lot from Sheffield is much worse that just taking Tudor. Removed the 2 broken seats and put them at the end of the check.2001/27/2024Tudor AM
Tremblay Jerry1 widgeon, 1 spec. Hunted with Jamie Brott.1101/27/24Nestor 5 PM
Tremblay JerryLast hunt of the season: Hunted with Greg, Jamie, and Phil (guest). Greg's dog Colt did great. It was really windy. We got 2 teal, 1 spoonie, 4 sprig, and 7 widgeon. The game warden was in the parking lot after the hunt.14001/31/2024Nestor 5 PM
Jason CruceTons of Sprig made for a lot of shooting for the juniors. Hunted the morning than ran to Sammy's for a burger at noon with the birds still flying. They wanted to go back for the afternoon so re-booked and found the birds were still cooperating. They weren't hitting much and only came home with two Sprig, one of which was banded.2002/03/2024Nester 5
RicK BoleyMostly pintail. It was the most birds I've seen all year. junior hunter had a good time.2102/03/2024Harbison
Greg DamitzLots of ducks in Basin. Not ma y moving.0002/11/2024Nestor 3 am
Tremblay JerryLate Goose Season- no birds,0002/18/2023Everglade
Greg DamitzHunted with Jerry and Chris..0602/18/2024Dry Field Powerline
Tom DoshAm fog., most geese have left. Birds were low and worked till the sun came out.0302/21/2024Riego
Robert HeckmanTwo snows late morning after fog moved on. Saw a pack of Teal - early fly by. No other ducks seen. High flying snows with a few specs mixed in.021-1-2024Tudor AM
Ben CollinsBlind was trashed. Spent time redoing covers and picking up others empties. Check is ruined from people using it instead of the easily walkable field. Was able to shoot several birds after. Good karma !061-1-24Colusa
Jim Biasotti3 snows and 2 specks and a pintail. Hunted flooded fields. Good wind day.151-10-2023Waterski Ranch
Jim BiasottiGreat SSE wind 18 to 20 still no ducks. Saw a few high. Lot of white devils flying just out of range. Still waiting for ducks to show. Got one speck that came to decoys.011-10-2024Tudor Am
Dale MellbergNo ducks, perfect weather, lots of geese, mostly high!011-10-24N.Nester #5
Ben CollinsNo birds001-11-24Dry field
Ben CollinsAll high011-12-24Dry field
Philip HamanBest hunting conditions you could ask for. Minimal number of ducks flying south. The few that showed interest, stayed on the fringe. One Ross strayed too close and the dog chased a spooky sail-er to the next check south .111-13-24Colusa, afternoon
Robert HeckmanOne Teal and three spoony,s. Fierce winter storm with stingy rain and high winds until about 10:30. Had lots high flying groups of spoons and snows. had a few more opportunities but with high winds It’s was bust for more birds. Fun day.401-14-2023Colusa 2 man tank
Anthony LamendolaBest day in the rice this season by far can tell it’s all new birds definitely they came right in went through 35 shells not the best shooting but still got it done if I didn’t run out of shells I’d still be shooting a limit on geese my last day of season for me big surgery next week731-14-24Tudor
Philip HamanMedium level fog until 8:30. Heard lots of birds on the water in surrounding areas until 10 min before shoot time. Not much duck activity, a few trickled in from the north throughout the morning. Scratched 2 teal and a spoony.301-16-24Tudor AM
Dale MellbergReporting for myself and Jerry, 3 G.W. Teal, 1 Widgeon, and 1 Snow, so a little better!411-17-24N.Nestor 5, am
Dale MellbergStill no ducks, 4 hours, 1 shot 1 duck101-23-24N.Nestor 5
Dale MellbergNothing to show for 5 hours, did miss a couple, and of course had 2 geese fly right over me, I guess they knew I could not shoot them!001-29-24N. Nestor 5
Dale MellbergA few more birds, mostly Geese, reporting for, myself, Tom Doss, Brian Issertel.331-3-24N.Nestor 5
Ben CollinsMaybe next year001-5-24Nestor 5
Dale Mellbergno birds101-6-23nestor#3
Lau YangSlow day 1 teal and 1 snow111-6-23Everglades
Robert HeckmanSnows flying. No birds taken. Helped Rick Bailout blind 3 full of water001-7-23Nester 3
Kyle DmitrenkoWind and even some rain, but not a lot was moving. We shot a pair of spoonies and one snow. The blinds in the area were also pretty quiet211/09/2024Tudor
Greg DamitzStayed until.noon to get birds. Less birds.flying than previous days but birds still in area. Blind cover is.horrible. i.will try to freshen it up.tomorrow afternoon .831/1/2023Nestor 3
Tremblay JerryHunted with my son Chris and junior non-hunters. We got 2 specs, 3 mallards, 1 spoonie, 4 teal, 2 wigeon and 1 pintail.1121/1/2023Nestor 5
Anna AllisonCouldn’t see anything. Left after 2 hours.001/1/2024Nestor 3
Anthony LamendolaGot there at 6:30 left at 8:30 not a thing in sight not a peep of a duck just squawks of 5 mile high geese 🤷🏻‍♂️001/1/24Everglades
Jim BiasottiGreat SSE wind 18 to 20 still no ducks. Saw a few high. Lot of white devils flying just out of range. Still waiting for ducks to show. Got one speck that came to decoys.011/10/2024Tudor AM
Evan JonesMore ducks flying over before shoot time than I've seen there lately, though most high and just going into the colusa closed zone below 20. Far fewer after shoot time, though shot a couple out of 2 groups and and then a coupe singles. The geese were snows and ross's geese. Specks have been closed in the area of both of our upper west side blinds since last month/for a while now, to protect the Tule subscpecies.751/10/24Colusa
Tim FranksDucks and geese are in packs now in this area. Spoons ,Wigeon , Pintails and Teal. Snows are in abundance. High winds pushed birds skirt the edges of the water.411/10/24Harbison
Tremblay Jerry2 hour am hunt with Greg and his dog Colt: We got 2 teal and 2 snows. The blind is full to the top with water. We will try to patch soon. When my son Chris emptied it a few days ago to see where the leak was, he found a knife. Let us know if you lost it. 30 pintail circled the blind a few times about 30 yards out. We waited to see if they would fly over the blind, but they ended up landing in the pond about 75 yards out.221/11/2023Nestor 3
Anthony Lamendola2 ducks passed all morning!came in 10 mins after shoot tine..took both down!other than that there was nothing no activity after 730 whatsoever.201/11/24Tudor
Evan JonesThere's some new ducks in the valley, but I think most are still in the north end. Got a pair of widgeon that came in and a single speck that came in nice to the call. That's about it. Thousands of geese in the dry to the south but probably still won't be able to get many or any at the Nestor blinds unless there's a real strong North wind, something above 20/25mph, which we pretty much haven't had any of this season.211/11/24Nestor 5
Kyle DmitrenkoWe didn't see very many ducks. We did see geese, but except for one snow, they were very high.111/12/2024Tudor
Anna AllisonRainy, windy cold. Had some opportunities; missed some shots.101/12/2024Nestor 5
Steve LomaxQuiet day, sunny and no wind. Geese were high.001/12/24Nestor 5
Greg Damitz2 teal. With Jerry. Performed bli d repair and maintenance on both blinds201/13/2023Nestor 3 am
Tremblay JerryGreg and I went out to work on the tank 3 leak and brush up blinds 3 and 5. We fixed one leak in tank 3. The other leak is slowed, but we will have to get a rematch. Thanks for Chris for draining the tank last week to see where the main leak was. Thanks to Greg for all the work today. We got 2 teal. We brushed up blinds 3 and 5 with queen palm branches. The storm is eating away at the blind 3 check. The water south of blind 5 is almost at the height of the path to the blind.201/13/2023Nestor 3
Jim BiasottiStorm and wind in morning not much, Wind picked up good in the afternoon. After an hour in afternoon started seeing migrator ducks up high arriving. 100's of sprig for hours flying in the jet stream and then dropping into the area. Shot are 2 bulls and a couple spoons. Could have shot a bunch of sprig floating over the blind at 15 to 20 yards. Birds are showing up. Saw the most birds in one hour than all days hunting. Somebody moved all the goose decoys this week into a pile in the north kill hole. With a 15 mph south wind like yesterday screwed up and couldn't get any geese to come over check because all the goose decoys where down wind. in the pond. Geese will not typically fly over decoys without flaring. :(401/13/2024Tudor Afternoon
Sebastian MiceliFew Ducks in the area, but a lot of Geese, mostly flying to high to shoot.001/13/2024Nestor #5
Matt HedenLots of wind, lots of geese around. Very few ducks besides high flying sprig031/13/2024Nestor 5
Ngia YangVery few ducks got 2 specks and 1 snow for myself, Jerry Tremblay and Robert Heckman031/13/24Nestor 3 AM
Casey HartwellHad high hopes with the wind…..painfully slow. There’s about a bagillion geese in all over the place, hopping from grind to grind, every now and then we had an opportunity, but not nearly as many as you’d think. Weird season. Still the best thing ever though. Hope y’all are having fun!031/13/24Nestor 5
RicK BoleyLots of geese, flaring off the blind or decoys. Very ducks. It may be a good idea to pick up some duck decoys now and add some Spec decoys..011/13/24Nestor 5 p.m.
Steve Lomax1 teal. Left early with extreme storm the birds stopped coming101/14/2023Nestor 3
RicK BoleyStormy, high wind, ducks were flaring off the blind, or decoys..301/14/2023Nestor 5
Bill GiordanengoReporting for 3 guys....high overcast, very light wind. Blind and pond look good. Fair amount of ducks in area.1011/14/2024Harbison
Bill GiordanengoReporting for 3 guys....high overcast, very light wind. Blind and ponds look good. Fair amount of ducks in area.1011/14/2024Harbison
Robert SmithGreat weather, some birds, very aware of blinds and decoys.101/14/24Tudor
Greg DamitzKilled only 2.duckS that came in.. very slow.with all the water around. still good201/15/2023Nestor 3 pm
Brian IssertellReporting for Tom and I. Not much wind, geese high, didn’t see many ducks.001/15/2024Tudor Rd
Brian IssertellPosting for Tom and I - no wind, no ducks. We managed to pull in a speck and snow, that’s it.021/15/2024Tudor
Anna AllisonClear and sunny. Didn’t get any opportunities to shoot but got a speck to circle at least. Brought my 5 year old son for the first time!001/15/2024Nestor 5
Wesley DucheinA few more ducks todays but nothing came in range. Usual high geese. Nothing in range. Saved money on shells with 0 shots fired.001/15/2024N Nestor 3 AM
Matt HedenArea surrounding is loaded, the rice to the south and the club next door. Zero ducks flying on the property - all loading up around, specks were plentiful but the closure is in place.001/15/2024Harbison
Steve LomaxAfternoon hunt, very few birds and nothing in shooting range001/16/2023Nestor 3
Sebastian MiceliNo opportunities for Ducks today, just Geese.021/16/2023Nestor #3
Jim BiasottiBill G already reported. Got there early so moved a bunch of snow and speck decoys back to the southside- where they were before - upwind of blind on predominantly S wind. This also opened back up northside kill hole and everything came into that kill hole! First 2 birds where specks with feet down floating right over the blind. Also brushed up blind before hunting = success...1421/17/2024Tudor AM
Bill GiordanengoReporting for Jim and I....Good low overcast and 15 mph south wind. We ran four mojo wind wackers behind blind and most ducks went right to them giving us 15 - 20 yard shots.. We wound up with 12 Widgeon, 1 stud Spoonie, 1 Teal and 2 Specks.1421/17/2024Tudor
Brian IssertellReporting for Tom and I - big winds, called a few specs in. Field is muddy.031/19/2024Riego
Ed KrizSlow morning with one Canadian that came through in range.011/19/2024Nestor #3 am
Jim BiasottiCalm before the storm- nothing flying. One group of 3 specks worked and worked and just out of range- they where skittish. Brushed blind more and also fixed some decoys that needed work- full body specks had some water in them. Blind looks good and good decoys layout so ready for weekend storms.001/19/2024Everglade
Ben CollinsSlow321/19/24Tudor
Lau YangFair amount of ducks.201/19/24Nestor 5
Lau YangFair amount of ducks. But was flying high201/19/24Nestor 5
RicK Boley1 snow. very few ducks seen. Rainy011/2/2023Nestor 5 p.m.
Tremblay JerryHunted the afternoon with my neighbor Jack (guest). It was raining hard. My son Chris and I pulled in all the goose shells the day before that were blown out into the water in the storm. Thanks to Casey Hartwell and/or the Miceli brothers for putting the north side decoys back into place after the storm.1211/2/2023Nestor 5
RicK Boley0 birds nothing flying at all. No shots fired left after 2 hours001/2/2023Colusa 4 man
Tony MiceliSlow, birds high011/2/23Nester 5
Robert HeckmanOne Pintail. Few birds flying. Early action and then slowed101/20/2023Colusa 2 man
Steve Lomax1 Pintail, 1 Widgeon201/20/2023Nestor 3
Erik DoshRain and some wind until about 330. Birds went high when the rain stopped.111/20/2024Nestor 5 PM
Ngia Yangnot much flying, was able to call in 1 speck111/20/23Nestor 5
Jan Sherry2 teal; one spoon. 2 groups of 4-5 teal landed into the decoys. Random groups of two-three flying by at first light; snows were too high, but I suspect someone with calling skills could have got them close. Left at 930301/20/24Harbison
Robert SmithDidn’t make it this morning001/21/23Nestor’s
Robert HeckmanSkies were very quiet. Saw a few spoonies and a couple of specks. Left after three hours: cloudy no rain but good winds. Will try again tomorrow morning. The road in has two large water hazards to get through.001/21/24Harbison
Erik DoshEnjoyable hunt with Phil, first time meeting each other. We should have a few more ducks, geese stayed high.301/21/24Tudor
Tony MiceliGood wind, there were ducks flying around in the early morning201/21/24Nester 5
Greg DamitzDead no birds so slow I didn't come.back for my pm Nestor 3 reservation. Hardly any shooting at neighboring club001/22/2023Nestor 5 am
Sebastian MiceliFew low birds in the area. After traveling south on the highway, we noticed that there are a lot of birds in flooded spots along the highway, where there usually isn't water.001/22/2023Nestor #3
Robert HeckmanOne teal and one pintail. Weather was great with light drizzle and good wind. Didn’t see a lot but finally for the first time this season saw a good variety of ducks; teal, pintail, spoonies and even a three pack of what appeared to be hen mallards. . Snows were high and couple of single specks. First hour was best with the occasional sighting ending around 9:30 - 10am. Great day even with all of my missed shots. Just blessed to be in field.201/22/2024Harbison - AM
Brian IssertellNice windy day, hard hunting muddy field, birds kept high and drawn into the grind south of Riego Road.021/22/2024Riego
Jim BiasottiGood storm day. wet and wind. Ducks flying early. 2 widgeon, pintail and spoony all close singles. Missed a few teal and didn't shot at others. Died pretty quick in a couple hours as storm cleared. Road in to Tudor has some bad spots. Blind needs brushing if coming to hunt. There is a bunch of nice grass on the check going west off the road just before our check on the right. Ponds are flooding over the road out to the blind. There was teal on the road in the water on the way out on my quad- lol. Some bad spots also on road into Tudor parking lot. lastly I think Sacramento Ave- Kirksville Road may be closed by the end of the week. Bypass looks like it may flood- water in the slough is only a little more than a foot from the road on the bridge. You can take highway 5 over to Woodland and up 113 to get to those blinds.401/22/2024Tudor AM
Greg DamitzHunted with Ngia. He had 1 pintail when I.arrived. A few ducks but all blind and decoy shy. Lots of geese in area in smaller groups but all fly high101/24/2024Nestor 5 pm
Bill GiordanengoReporting for Jim and I. Rain with 10mph south wind. Managed to get 13 ducks, of which 2 Spoons, 2 Blue Winged Teal, 1 Widgeon, 7 Green Wing Teal and 1 Brewers Duck. Message me if interested in seeing a pic of this Brewers. The road in to Tudor parking very sloppy mess, be careful.1301/24/2024Tudor
Greg DamitzHunted for.1.5 hours. Didnt.see Snows.have left the area. Some area but all trafficking between the Conservancy marsh and green on other properties. Talked to a.member of.the club to the west. He said theyve been slow001/25/2023Nestor 3 pm
Kyle DmitrenkoI hunted with my 2 sons. We got 3 teal and three spoonies. The fog made for a difficult. hunt. The geese were never in the blind area and high in the clouds601/25/2024Tudor
Greg DamitzStayed until noon to get 14. Sprig wouldn't work but widgeon did as they arrived. Used the bucket to boot high. It was stool high on arrival1401/26/2024Nestor3 AM
Robert SmithZero birds001/26/2024Tudor
Lau YangGreg and I shot 2 limits of ducks. Mix bag between teal, widgeon and spoonies701/26/24Nestor 3
Kyle DmitrenkoOne lone spoonie.111/27/2024Tudor
Sebastian MiceliGood action on the ducks, in the morning. No geese opportunities.301/27/2024Nestor #5
Jan SherryNothing flying. A couple turned, but turned away too far away to shoot.001/27/24Harbison
Lau YangHunted with Jerry. Not so many ducks, only high flying ducks. But Jerry and I still managed to get a pintail each.101/28/24Nestor 3
Greg DamitzNo shots fired. Saw less than 40 ducks, 60 snows and 40 specs. Only 6 birds under 100 yards001/29/2023Nestor 3 pm
Ryan JonesOnly birds in range were a flock of four snow geese. Brought home two of them.021/3/24Everglade
Kyle DmitrenkoPintail and wigeon. Plenty of geese, but the ducks were few and far between201/30/2024Nester 3
Kyle DmitrenkoGood day/last day and the ducks were flying finally. Pintail,wigeon and teal401/31/2014Nester 5
Steve LomaxHad one set of ducks land in the far side of the pond and saw very few others flying. None came near and it dies off quickly and nothing flying. The pond iced over while we were there and shot a great sunrise pic!001/31/2023Nestor 3
Jim BiasottiGot 3 pintail & 2 teal, should have scratched 5 but missed 2 widgeon. Pretty slow. Tons of geese on ponds in the morning and flying around all morning at 40- 60 yds. Game Wardens out enforce. Young man sitting off Tudor at Reclamation on my way out at 11:00. Very nice check everyhting - all good. Said his buddy wrote up a guy down the road for shooting geese. From reading Facebook commnets sounded like they needed to be everywhere. :(301/31/2024Tudor AM
Greg DamitzPretty dead. Birds out in toe.water elsewhere001/4/2023Nestor 3 pm
Bill GiordanengoDucks and Geese blind shy. I hunted alone and managed to get 4 ducks and 1 goose. I passed on many Teal in decoys during first hour. Beware Nestor #3 has about 16" of water in tank. Pedro and Don left a 5 gallon white bucket at parking for anyone headed to blind 3 for bailing out water. Blind could use much more brushing too.411/4/2023Nestor #3
Ed KrizNothing flying for most of afternoon. Last hour one group of sprig interested and coming in so gave them one last pass to close the range but they decided against finishing. Several groups of dark geese came through as I was packing up so got not shots.001/4/24Nestor #5 - PM
Greg Damitz. Only high pintail and high sky cqrp101/5/2023Nestor 3 am
Greg DamitzBirds abandoned area. Only high pintail and high sky cqrp101/5/2023Nestor 3 am
Greg DamitzBirds somewhere else. Only high pintail and high sky cqrp101/5/2023Nestor 3 am
Greg DamitzBirds somewhere else in toe water101/5/2023Nestor 3 am
Matt HedenOne teal, the club next to the property seemed to shoot pretty good. Still not a ton of birds around, more teal and pintail showing up though.101/5/2024Harbison
Lau YangAlot of geese in the area. But no ducks021/5/24Nestor 3
Tremblay JerrySolo am hunt: 3 snows and 7 teal. The teal were landing in the decoys.731/6/2023Nestor 3
Brian IssertellReporting for Anna, Erik, Tom and myself. Wind was blowing, nice and cold but just not enough birds. We missed on a pair of pins… that was about it.001/6/2024North Nestor 3
Jared HajikHunted Harbison morning with Jerry Tremblay. The wind was strong but there weren't a ton of opportunities to shoot ducks. A lot of snows flew over but they were usually just out of reach. Water level looks good and cover around the blind looks good101/6/2024Harbison AM
Kyle DmitrenkoOne snow and 1 wigeon There were not very many birds. Tudor road is getting very muddy111/6/2024Tudor
RicK BoleyA few more ducks in the area.001/6/24Nestor 5 a.m.
Jared Hajik3 guys - 1 wigeon, 1 spoon, 9 teal, 2 snow geese1121/7/2022Nestor 3
Robert SmithBirds will not commit, weary of blind001/7/2023Nestor’s
Robert SmithAll birds are weary of blind001/7/2023Nestor’s
RicK BoleyThe wind blew most the decoys to the other side of the pond. Most of the cover has been blown off the blind and check. I bailed out the water with the bucket from the parking lot but the plastic was brittle and broke. We need another bucket out there to be left in the blind. 50% of the blind covers are exposed with only metal showing. If you hunt I would advise you bring extra cover as the snows were flaring off the blind.101/7/2023Nestor #3
Steve Lomax3 Teal, 1 Spoonie401/7/2023Nestor 5
Tim FranksMostly Geese in the area. A few flights of teal. Good wind for the afternoon hunt but ducks didn’t want to decoy.011/7/24Nester 5
Ryan JonesNot many birds flying. Few landed 80yards out. Nothing within range or willing to work the spread.001/7/24Nestor 5
Evan JonesAfternoon hunt. Shot 3 snows031/7/24 PM HuntNestor #3 PM
Jan SherryAll spoonies this trip; came in from the refuge and sat on the pond to the west; but had lots of opportunities!701/72023Colusa 4 man
Brian IssertellReporting for Tom and myself - field is really muddy and real hard to hunt. No ducks, got 4 snows and 1 speck.051/9/24Riego
Ben CollinsHunted the last two hours. Saw a total of 12 ducks. Still slow slow slow0011-14-23Colusa 4 man
Ben CollinsSet up my goose spread of approx 1,000 snow socks. Ended up with 20 geese and 3 ducks. Hopefully more birds will come in the area soon. I added a lot of cover to the blind and zip tied together to hide. Birds were taking 7-8 passes to work into the decoys minimum.32011-19-23Harbison
Dale MellbergA few Teal1011-20-23N.Nestor 5
Dale MellbergA few Teal buzzin around!1011-20-23N. Nestor 5
Ben CollinsBrought the goose spread to hunt over. All gates are locked and you must use hunter road. Which will be difficult once it rains. Ended up with 5 geese and 2 ducks. Birds did not want to work. Guide in the area only shot 8 birds for 6 people. I dropped off the stakes for blind covers .2511-24-23Colusa 4 man
Robert SmithNorth wind today helped move some birds around. No water in north side of blind. Toe water in the south side of blind.3011-24-23Harbison
Ben CollinsBrought out 10 dozen full bodies to hunt geese, nothing would commit. very slow and not many ducks.0011/10/23Pelger
TAKEEM HUNTING 1 TAKEEM HUNTING 1100 limits2023202311/11/2023pelger test
Tremblay JerryNo birds. Geese were high. First hunt this season with G1. Hunted with Jamie B. The pond has a leak into the canal and most of the water is gone. The farmer will be notified.0011/11/2023Everglade
Sebastian MiceliNo ducks flying, but a lot of high flying geese.0011/11/2023Everglade
Kyle DmitrenkoBluebird day and no shoots fired.0011/14/2023Colusa
Greg DamitzOnly 4 groups.of..ducks seen. Geese were all.500 yards high and heading south1011/17/2023Nestor 5
Matthew OrpesaNo wind, or weather. Handful of ducks, lots of geese all extremely high.0011/17/23Harbison
Kyle DmitrenkoRain and good wind. Geese were in the air but very few ducks seen.11182023211/18/2023Harbison
Tremblay JerryGeese and ducks were too high0011/18/2023Tudor
Tremblay Jerryno ducks0011/19/2023Nestor 3 pm
Steve LomaxSunny and calm. Saw a few ducks, but nothing in shooting range0011/20/23Nestor 5
Tremblay JerrySlow day. There were a couple of groups of teal flying around and two mallards landed about 100 yards out.0011/21/2023Nestor 3 am
Kyle DmitrenkoZero bird seen and no shoots fired0011/22/2023Harbison
Kyle DmitrenkoBluebird day and no shoots fired0011/22/2023Nester 5
Chris TremblayThanksgiving morning hunt with my dad and Sam Golovey. We shot 1 speck and 1 sprig. The wind did not pick up until we were about to leave. All the birds must be Christmas shopping. Only a few inches of water on each side of the blind.1111/23/2023Harbison
Jason DeoliveiraVery few ducks in the area. Nothing within calling distance. Water is slightly more than ankle deep with a lot of decoys leaning over in the shallow water.0.00.011/24/2023Pelger
Steve LomaxMild wind, very slow day0011/24/23Nestor 5
Brian IssertellNo shots fired - didn’t see to many ducks and seem like less geese in the area than 2 weeks ago.0011/24/23Tudor
Tremblay Jerrystill slow at Nestor0011/25/2023Nestor 5 pm
Jason CruceHunted with my sons Parker and Carson for 1 teal and 2 snows1211/25/2023Everglade
Ed KrizSlow morning, one Northern Shoveler and no other shots.1011/25/2023Nestor #5
Casey HartwellMatt’s STELLAR calling resulted in a beautiful hen spoon buzzing the blind within range of us at first light. Nature turned off after that. Nothing was flying. Painfully slow.1011/26Harbison
Greg DamitzA few flocks of ducks but not many.0011/26/2023Nestor 3
Kyle DmitrenkoNo shoots fired0011/29/2023Nester 3
Tony MiceliLots of Geese but to high0111/30Nester 5
Steve PatersonWent out for a couple hours this evening. No birds at all in the area.0012-1-23 Nestor 5
Dale Mellbergnone0112-15-23Nestor 5
Anthony LamendolaDidn’t see not 1 duck and geese moved to the other side of levee..left at 9 am very bad day!neighboring blind was out talked to them they did not fire a single shot!0112-15-23Tudor
Jim BiasottiNo bird traffic. Warm storm, no wind to speak of rained hard for about 2 hours then stopped and cleared. A few teal working early, but no bigger ducks around. Super slow. Left at 10..002012-18-2023Tudor Morning
Steve PatersonShot a pair of Mallards and missed on another. That was it2012-20-23Nestor 5 PM
Anthony LamendolaDucks are showing up but high2112-21-23Tudor
Dale MellbergNO DUCKS, lots of high geese0012-22-23Nestor5
Jim Biasotti4 guys- called in a few straggler snows and 1 teal out 0f a group. Dead- no ducks showing yet or traffic high. Sure I dropped a black extension post off my quad on the way back in. If you find please leave it at the end of the hunt check at the road. Thanks. Jim B1312-23-2023Tudor Morning
Steve PatersonWent out for a couple hours. A few high geese, no ducks0012-24-23Nestor 5 PM
Philip HamanThere was shooting within a mile of the area for the first 20 minutes, saw a few high ducks passing by.0012-26-23Tudor
Dale MellbergNO DUCKS, Great weather, but nothing to shoot at!0012-27-23Harbison
Ben Collins1200 decoys. Zero ducks Maybe next year we will have birds! Nuff said-0-012-30-23Dry field
Jim BiasottiNo traffic a few geese high- noce little wind late morning.. Put 2 stools in blind and more goose decoys out. Moved decoys out- again from blind- spread out;. Brushed blind more form working on it last Friday. Just need ducks!0012-6-2023Tudor
Robert SmithPm hunt walked out with one snow, rain and wind started too push some birds around.0112-6-23Nestor 5
Greg DamitzStill very few ducks in area. Geese were sky high0012/01/2023Nestor 3 am
Jason DeoliveiraHeard lots of ducks in the sky before shoot time then they were gone with the sun. No opportunities to shoot. Very little shooting in the area for the morning. Also, there are no stools in the blind. Take your own is there are none at the storage units.0012/02/2023Tudor
Tremblay Jerryno ducks, geese were high,0012/02/2023Nestor 5 pm
Steve Lomaxlight breeze, saw more ducks than the prior week, but few opportunities.1012/02/23Nestor 5
Steve PatersonHunted for a couple hours. Good weather, very few ducks.0012/06/23Nestor 3 pm
Kyle DmitrenkoNo birds for me my son got 22012/09/2023Harbison
Casey HartwellVery few ducks but more than I’ve seen in a while. Lots of geese all way too high though. Bring on the wind.3012/09/2023 Nestor 5
Tremblay Jerry7 teal and 1 spoonie. Finally some bird are flying nearby. Hunted with Greg, Zach, and a junior hunter (waiver submitted).8012/09/2023Nestor 3 am
Robert Smith1 pin 1 teal2012/1/2022Everglade
Kyle DmitrenkoZero birds0012/11/2023Nester 3
Brian IssertellLots of geese, all out of range0112/14/23Riego
Kyle DmitrenkoI got 1 teal and my son got a wigeon.2012/15/2023Harbison
Greg DamitzOnly saw 7 ducks. Super slow0112/15/2023Nestor 5 am
Ngia YangShot 2 Spoonies 5 minutes after shoot time, other than that no ducks around lots of high geese2012/15/23 Nestor 3
Steve Lomax1 Spoonie. Clear weather, not much flying1012/16/23Nestor 5
Matt HedenBailed out the water for 30 mins or so, tank is empty now. Very few birds in the area. 1 spoony and one wigeon for the group.2012/16/23Nestor 3
Philip HamanIn the blind til 9. No birds, no shots, no surprise.0012/16/23Harbison
Robert SmithNo birds0012/17/2022Everglade
Anna AllisonSounded like a bird sanctuary walking out there. At shoot time and after nothing to be seen.0012/17/2023Harbison
Tony MiceliGot a blue wing1012/17/23Nester 5
Kyle DmitrenkoRain but only 1 bird.1012/18Nester 3
Kyle DmitrenkoIt rained but was still slow, My son got 1 teal.1012/18/2023Nester 3
Bill Giordanengoheavy rain, light wind from west. Many geese flying high, very few ducks in area. Killed 1 Greenwing drake. Blind cover and water levels look good.1012/18/2023Nestor #5
Lau YangBirds we're flying very high0012/18/23Everglades
Lau YangNo ducks0012/18/23Everglade
Lau YangNo ducks. High geese flying only0012/18/23Everglade
Ben CollinsNo ducks, No Geese, lots of rain and wind didnt do anything to help. Hopefully next month the ducks show up.-0-012/18/23Nestor
Anna AllisonWood duck1012/19/2023Nestor 5
Tremblay Jerry3 person hunt with Benji and Morgan. There were a few birds flying the first hour, then it was slow. 4 Teal4012/19/2023Nestor 3 am
Tremblay JerryNo ducks at all the first hour. No shots. There were some geese at 100 yards and up.0012/20/2023Nestor 3 am
Bill GiordanengoHunted morning. No wind, intermittent rain showers. 2 Teal and 1 Spoonie, missed several ducks and geese. Good amount of birds in area...just need a bit of wind, and better shooting. Blind and ponds look good. Beware of Harbison Road has a couple of flooded areas 12" -18" deep water...if you're driving a lowrider probably get stuck.3012/20/2023Harbison
Tim FranksShoot two snows, lots of snows in the area. Not a lot of ducks in the area. Blind was found in very poor condition. The entire blind needs to have a complete brush-up.0212/20/23Colusa
Matt HedenHunted with 2 other members - 1 Drake mallard and 1 Drake gwt. Heavy fog until later in the am. Not much around except geese, most flying high.2012/22/2023Nestor 5
Erik DoshOnly a few high geese0012/22/2023Tudor
Tony MiceliNo Birds0012/22/23Everglade
Casey HartwellLarge grinds of geese hopping back and forth in those fields just south east of the rice silos. Other large groups north west of the slough will fly over but they’ll be at 12,500 feet. Duck wise, there’s not much of anything flying. Those that are flying are way outta any ethical shootable range. Blind is still in really good shape. Just happy to be getting out and enjoying the sights. Bummer of a season but it is what it is. Have fun, y’all!0012/22/23Nestor 5
Aaron Dmitrenkodidn't fire a shot. Not a single bird worked remotely close to the blind.0012/22/23Harbison
Casey HartwellSet out a nice snow sock spread hoping the geese that have been bouncing back and forth in the fields to the south would be active in the wind…..they weren’t. Slow day but scratched out a sick snow goose and a duck as of when I left around 10:15am.1112/23/2023Nestor 5
Erik DoshMissed a snow and a duck. Lots of high birds, not enough wind0012/23/2023Harbison
Tremblay JerryNo ducks, no shots. Water is low. Added spec silhouette and full-body decoys to the check.0012/23/2023Everglade PM
Ben CollinsVery slow , no birds around.0012/23/23Everglades
RicK Boleyhigh geese. Ducks are MIA0012/23/23Nestor 3
Robert Smith2 teal 1 pin0012/24/2022Nestor’s
Anna AllisonA few flights of ducks. Lots of high geese.2012/24/2023Nestor 5
Lau YangAlot if high geese. Very few ducks1012/24/33Tudor
Ngia YangWas planning to hunt Xmas day but didn't make it out.0012/25/2023Tudor
Tim FranksHunted the PM. Went with the intent to work snow geese. Ran the call and was able to get a few groups within relative shooting distance if I had a turkey choke in the gun. Moved the south field decoys to open the kill hole larger.0012/25/23Nestor 5
Tremblay Jerry1 teal1012/26/2023Nestor 5 am
Aaron Dmitrenko0/0 nothing but 10 min of high flying geese at first light. The tank is filling with water and currently knee high. Bring a bucket to start dumping out water if you plan on hunting this tank.0012/26/2023Nestor 3
Robert HeckmanSnows flying high; Did see a 4 pack of spoon's come over low and across the corner of the check. one shot and missed opportunity at a snow. Rained the entire hunt with minimal wind0012/27/2023Tudor PM
Greg DamitzA few more birds seen than previous trips but still slow. 4 guns present3012/27/2023Nestor 5 pm
Tremblay JerryHigh geese and ducks. The water level is OK on the east side and a little low on the west side.0012/27/2023Everglade PM
Bill GiordanengoReporting for Dale and I. Good wind and overcast. Only 3 shot opportunities at Teal, with no kills. Fair amount of high flyers, but nothing wanting to work our ponds. North pond water low with rice stubble showing around decoys. Water on Harbison Road down a little but still deep enough to strand a low rider.0012/27/2023Harbison
Jim BiasottiFlock of teal right over the blind- dropped one drake GWT missed others. Missed a Widgeon. No other shots. No duck traffic at all yet- even up high. Spent 40 mins before shoot time putting up stakes and brush around blind to cover big bare area east side of blind. Spent more time before leaving brushing blind more.1012/27/2023Tudor AM
Don HansenBird count includes Evan Jones take. 2 spoonbill, 1 widgeon, 3 teal6312/27/23Colusa
Evan JonesReporting for Don, the other member in the blind that day, and I. I got there late because I had to help my Grandfather hunt on the refuge (Colusa) for the first few hours of the morning. By all accounts, not much had happened in the early am. The ducks were teal and spoons. The geese were snows. Specks are now closed now for both of our west side blinds. One of the most surprising things is that someone welded some nice T bar posts for securing the blind covers and someone brought them out, but still no one has brought out a sledge or something and fixed the blind covers in. Also, there are still decoys bags in at least one of the two tanks.6212/27/23Colusa
Steve PatersonDucky weather just no ducks. Missed a pair of spoons and got one Gadwall, that was it. Beware that water is flowing over Harbison road and you will need a high clearance vehicle to cross1012/27/23Harbison PM
Brian IssertellSpent 45 minutes in the morning baling out the tank. Shot 2 ducks, not much else worked in range.2012/27/23Nestor 3
Jason Scott1 GW and a snow goose. Not much flying.1112/28Colusa
Jason DeoliveiraShot one spoony. Missed two other opportunities on low flying birds speeding through. A lot of birds were in the area, mostly flying high and not working the spread. The north pond is low.1012/28/2023Harbison
Lau YangNo ducks. Alot of high flying geese0012/28/23Nestor 5
Robert SmithNo birds flying0012/29/2022Nestor’s
Wesley DucheinHigh geese very few ducks0012/29/2023Nestor 5
Greg DamitzStill very few ducks in area0012/29/2023Nestor 3 pm
Anna AllisonTeal1012/29/2023Nestor 3
Lau YangNo ducks. High flying geese only0012/29/23Tudor
Evan JonesVery few ducks around at the moment, still. 1 widgeon came in a little after shoot time. That's it. Lots of geese, like most everywhere else but they were all high.1012/3/23Harbison
Chris Tremblay15 mixed ducks and 8 geese for 3 hunters. About a foot of water in blind15812/30/2022Nestor 3
Don Hansenone teal few ducks lying geese are high./1012/30/2023Harbison
Wesley DucheinOnly a few ducks and nothing came in over the decoys. Geese moving most of the time but Still too high0012/30/2023Nestor 3
Sebastian MiceliThis update is for all in the blind this morning: Missed one opportunity with ducks, at Sunrise. The rest of the morning was slow with geese flying high.0012/30/2023Tudor
Robert SmithGreat south wind, 8 snows plus a banded snow from 2014.0812/30/22Waterski
Ryan Jones4 green wing teals for the day. Had birds working the spread and respond to calls4012/30/23Nestor 5
Ngia Yang1 shoveled and 1 cackler. geese were putting on a show by the silos1112/30/23Nestor 3
Jason ScottNot much flying. Picked off one hen GW. About all I saw.1012/31Colusa
Casey HartwellNew birds are in the area. Lots of spoons and sprig. Geese aren’t being nearly as transient from the refuge to the dry fields as they used to. Hauled out about 100 shell hulls and a large bag of trash. .5012/31/2022Colusa 2 Man Blind
Jason Deoliveirareporting for myself and one other. shot the morning. It was very slow with few birds flying through. shot one teal and two widgeon. Had no other opportunities.3012/31/22Colusa 4 man
Steve Lomax1 Widgeon, 1 Spoon. A few more ducks flying early, but then died off completely for ducks. Geese were high all day and active in the south fields.2012/31/23Nestor 5
Brian IssertellSaw a few ducks, but nothing worked the blind. All birds were high, did get 1 snow.0112/6/23Nestor 3
Tony MiceliLots of Geese High. Decoy bags still in blind0012/8Colusa
Lau YangAlot of ducks in the area. But unfortunately they were flying high. No shots fire.0012/8/23Nestor 3
Jim BiasottiI didn't pull my gun out. Actually just ended up doing a 3 hour workday and picked up the rest of goose decoys, blinds covers, seats, etc.. at Tudor and brought back to storage. Figured since I was up there anyway and got it all before storm. Boards where pulled and fields empty of water anyway and decoys just sitting in the mud.. Not much flying and nothing working the empty rice anyway, The geese I saw were in the levelled fields with green grass or dry disked fields.002-17-2024Tudor Afternoon
Dale MellbergEnding the season on a good note with a nice Speck!012-21-24N. Nestor 5
Greg DamitzLots of the American Basin now.but not moving around102/10/2024Nestor 3 am
Wesley DucheinSprague everywhere. A few spooned and a couple of mallards but to close to the sprague to take a shot. Geese came in at a good altitude around 1:00. Just not goose hunting available.102/10/204Nestor 5
Greg DamitzGeese wanted nothing with the stand up. Most flying near 3.002/17/2024Nestor 5
Brian IssertellNo wind, field was muddy, hard walking, not a lot opportunities.012/17/23Riego
Jim BiasottiHunted noon on. Tough hunting in flooded disc field. Good decoys, cover and calling essential. Killing them close is fun. .062/19/2024Powerline/Reigo
Kyle Dmitrenko3 Specks A nice day of hunting032/20/2024Nester 3
Evan Jones9 Snows, 1 Speck. All the snows I shot in 1 up, if you can believe it. A crop duster got a grind of geese up east of the silos and the bulk of them came over me all at once. I killed 9 with 3 shots. The speck I got a little later.0102/21/23Nestor 5 PM
Wesley DucheinAlmost entirely geese in the area. Just too high. No wind.102/22/2023Nestor 3
Wesley DucheinHeavy duck traffic. With the weather we didn’t stay long.302/4/2024Nester 5. AM
Justin Millhouse2 widgeon and a few missed birds seems like birds are starting to use the area. And had multiple birds on the pond prior to shoot light20January 30th 2023 Everglades
Dale Mellbergpretty slow, lots of Geese, all high!11Nov. 15Harbison

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