Harvest Report


  • Decent morning flight , Ended up with 2 snows. everything stopped flying at 10:30 am

    23Other10627842020-10-2710627841000029 - 1028786
  • Reporting for Brian Issertel and my self, a few high ones, Geese and Ducks, but nothing in range, but like the area, but needs water!

    2Other10627852020-10-2810627851000029 - 1028787
  • Has water but water is half way up in the blind
    No birds only saw 3 mallards.

    3Other10628862020-11-0110628861000029 - 1028889
  • Ton of birds flying not to much commitment on bird to the blind few pass shooting.

    44Spoonie10627882020-10-3110627881000029 - 1028790
  • A duck hunting first for me, 3 hours in the blind and did not see a SINGLE DUCK, not one. Reporting for myself and Mike George!

    2Other10622272020-11-0610622271000035 - 1028325
  • My first duck of the year had a good time there were tubs of geese flying but not a lot of duck only saw 2

    12Widgeon10628862020-11-0710622281000035 - 1028326
  • The four of us got 2 spoonies, 1 pintail and 1 teal. The pond has sticky mud and it is a workout when you pull the duck cart tub or walk across the pond for a duck.

    44Spoonie10627952020-11-0710627951000029 - 1028797
  • Some birds in the area but nothing worked in.

    1Other10627992020-11-1110627991000029 - 1028801
  • Didn’t see one duck all afternoon. There was a ton of geese but all too high.

    2Other10626062020-11-1210626061000035 - 1028705
  • Another shutout, didnt fire a shot. Found that the area that we pull off the gravel road to park in is dirt, so when it gets good and wet, good luck trying to park!

    2Other10622272020-11-0610622271000035 - 1028325
  • My dog (Jax)found the widgeon the prior hunters winged … so I don’t get credit for this one; clear afternoon very little wind; no action til 4; then three flights provided opportunity ….

    11Widgeon10605902020-11-1410628991000029 - 1028902
  • It was real foggy and the birds were low for the first 2 hours. We shot teal, gadwall and pintale. After the fog lifted all the birds were at least 100 yards up. All in all it was a good hunt.

    93Teal10628022020-11-1410628021000029 - 1028804
  • There will be lots of geese out there for sure. I put out 2 dozen specs. Stan set out a large white bag of specs that i think should go out there. I am willing to do the work it getting them set out. I will also offer some quick lessons in spec calling if you do not have that skill or call in your arsonal. thankks

    414Mallard10622352020-11-1410622351000035 - 1028333
  • Ton of geese almost no ducks flying after shoot time started

    3Other10604922020-11-16106049223 - 1026590
  • Good shoot lots of fog 7spoonies 10 teal one pintail . Only high flyers after fog lifted. Over all good shoot

    193Teal10604902020-11-14106049023 - 1026588
  • Common Goldeneye No ducks….through 11:00 am

    12Other10628052020-11-1710628051000029 - 1028807
  • After Mr Jones left, the rain came up and so did the ducks. Lots of chances but the new puppy is still a handful. Still got a double on widgeon and a single spoonie

    31Widgeon10605902020-11-1710628051000029 - 1028807
  • Afternoon hunt, most birds were sky high. Couple opportunities and took 2 spoons. Wind was up, but Still pretty warm.

    21Spoonie10629032020-11-1810629031000029 - 1028906
  • Rep0rting for myself and Brian Issertel, 2 Shovellers, and one Snow Goose. Lots of geese mostly high except for the one I shot!

    212Spoonie10628072020-11-1910628071000029 - 1028809
  • Ducks were flying in the morning and then the flow of geese started an hour after shoot time. Got a Bull Sprig, drake Widgeon, hen spoonie, and two Specks.

    321Widgeon10605002020-11-24106050023 - 1026598
  • Sometimes it about the people not the hunt or the kills. Today it was people. Justin and Joshua thank you for the hunt and the fellowship.

    4Other10626122020-11-1810626121000035 - 1028711
  • Ducks were flying but a little high. Hunters from the other club (blind just north of our blind) parked 2 four wheelers directly across from our b;ind on the check between our two ponds. This caused the ducks and geese to flair off as they approached our blind. I talked to the hunters as they were leaving and they apologized and said they didn’t know where our blind was until after daylight. The said they would talk to the rest of their club and tell them to park on the east side levy road down by pond 3. If it happens again, don’t be shy about complaining.

    23Spoonie10628092020-11-2110628091000029 - 1028811
  • One shot and missed. Weather too nice!

    1Other10628122020-11-2410628121000029 - 1028814
  • 4 spoonies, 1 teal . The guys in n the blind North of us got about 4 ducks. They parked their transportation to the blind off to the side, which is better for us, instead of on the opposite side of our pond.

    53Spoonie10628132020-11-2510628131000029 - 1028815
  • Well today was awesome. My son is back from college and he is my hunting buddy and we did some killen today. Hope everyone has a great turkey day. Stay safe and see you in the field.

    823Widgeon10605012020-11-25106050123 - 1026599
  • Foggy start of the day; geese were high all day; a few ducks from time to time

    22Spoonie10605902020-11-14106059022 - 1026688
  • Lots of ducks before shoot time and then nothing at all. My junior hunter missed two easy shots and I did not fire while watching him but that was it. Nice Cold North Wind. and great morning in the blind with my 13 year old anyway.

    2Other10605022020-11-26106050223 - 1026600
  • 11/27/20, am. Saw one duck before shoot time, then it was passing geese rest of morning.

    About half of the water remains compared to last week. Most of decoys are sitting in cuttings lift over from harvest. Hope we get some rain soon.

    2Other10622482020-11-2710622481000035 - 1028346
  • 1 duck landed in the decoys before shooting time. There is a real nice trail all the way down the check to the blind. Please walk in the water.

    1Other10628152020-11-2710628151000029 - 1028817
  • Nice sunset. That was it

    2Other10606112020-12-0410609108 - 1027008
  • Lots of geese in the area no ducks

    62Other10606112020-12-05106061122 - 1026709
  • Lots of sprig in the area. Had a good duck push for first 30 minutes of shoot time but no birds working after that despite wind.

    612Widgeon10605132020-12-07106051323 - 1026611
  • 1 spoonie – slow day

    12Spoonie10627952020-12-0510628231000029 - 1028825
  • 20+ north wind and 70 degree temp in December, are you kidding me!!! No flights, just a few pintail cruising by, sucked one in, but that was it! Geese everywhere grinding in Colusa!!!

    11Pintail10629222020-12-0710629221000029 - 1028925
  • Did not fire a shot, saw 2 ducks at 1oo yards,that was it

    1Other10628122020-11-2410628121000029 - 1028814
  • Did not fire a shot, saw 2 ducks at 1oo yards, that was it, left at 10:00!

    1Other10628292020-12-1110628291000029 - 1028831
  • I bull sprig 1 hen widgeon. Lots of specs. Bring your spec call. Lots of pintail

    21Widgeon10605172020-12-11106051723 - 1026615
  • Birds high mostly other side main canal. Pretty much a bluebird afternoon

    1Pintail10629272020-12-1210629271000029 - 1028930
  • Went out with my Jr for a couple hours this afternoon. Partly cloudy. Did not even see a duck at any distance. A few geese in the area but that’s it. Made some bundles and brushed up a little bit the blind will need a lot more stakes and brush or it will be a mud pit quickly when the rain comes.

    2Other10605022020-12-1210609188 - 1027016
  • The ducks finally got there and there was a good duck push for 1 hour 30 minutes. I should have got more there were lots of opportunities.

    12Widgeon10628862020-11-0710622281000035 - 1028326
  • The ducks are here. We had a good duck push for 1 hour 30 min. Should of had more lots of opportunities.

    12Widgeon10628862020-11-0710622281000035 - 1028326
  • Sprig n a teal; good cold wet windy day; lots of other opportunities for ducks. If only I could shoot straight.

    21Pintail10628242020-12-0610628241000029 - 1028826
  • Lots of high geese; nothing close; the afternoon cleared up and the wind died.

    1Other10628242020-12-12106071822 - 1026816
  • Weather was great. Nice amount of ducks but they would respond to calling

    12Spoonie10629282020-12-1310629281000029 - 1028931
  • Great epic hunt with the boys great weather great fellowship and glorifying the Lord couldn’t ask for a better Sunday night hunt

    2654Widgeon10603182020-12-13106031823 - 1026416
  • 12-13-20 Cherokee bind, finally some duck weather.

    132Widgeon10605192020-12-13106051923 - 1026617
  • Tons of geese out of range. Only a couple ducks seen

    12Spoonie10606112020-12-05106061122 - 1026709
  • Forgot to post when I went out. Shot two ducks and 8 geese good over all shot almost 100% sure guys in front of blind shot a swan. The booked after that bird went down.

    284Spoonie10604902020-11-18106049423 - 1026592
  • No ducks

    2Other10628342020-12-1610628341000029 - 1028836
  • 2 spoonies, 2 widgeon, 1 teal.

    52Spoonie10628372020-12-1910628371000029 - 1028839
  • Got there 11:00 saw a few ducks flying as fog/ rain was pretty much lifted. Other blind in morning probably got at least 3-4 ducks.. Nothing flying once it cleared up. Nice warm afternoon. Pulled almost 2 dozen sinkers out of the spread a few where recently shot full of holes. Don’t shoot into the decoys at cripples! Get you’re ass out of the blind and go get your duck or shoot it when it clears the decoys. Also at least a box of empties black 3″ Kent and Gold 3″ heavy shot shells all around the blind. I didn’t clean those up I will contact that last hunters who shot birds as I spent time spreading decoys out and picking up sinker’s.

    1Other10603222020-12-17106032223 - 1026420
  • Good north wind blowing – but we didn’t fire a shot. Lots of geese in the area, but no ducks.

    2Other10608242020-12-1810608248 - 1026922
  • windy in the morning, clear day. Missed a few and hard to get them to commit.

    213Pintail10605242020-12-18106052423 - 1026622
  • 12-18-20, shot drake and hen pintail. Decent amount of birds passing up high, few interested in decoys. Missed a couple opportunities.

    Looked like north blind got 2-3 ducks and one snow.

    If heading out, take some grass, the blind needs some maintenance.

    22Pintail10628362020-12-1810628361000029 - 1028838
  • Haven’t fired a shot of this blind all season. Tons of high flying geese all around the area with multiple grinds in the fields east and west of the blind. I’ve been out here numerous times and have yet to even see a duck. Talked to a few guys that hunt the other blinds in the area and they’ve indicated the shooting quality has continued to decline year over year. Such a bummer.

    1Other10628932020-12-1910608258 - 1026923
  • no wind, no ducks. Got two shots off at one group of ducks. Downed one however she picked up and flew off while trying to retrieve her. One other group circled but did not commit. Lots of geese flying high just out of range. The blind is in good shape, lots if grass coverage on the check. I did pick up some beer cans left behind at the parking lot. looks like they’ve been there a while. Just a reminder, Specks will be off limits in this blind starting Dec 21st. There are lots of them in the area and this blind is just inside the closure boundary.

    1Other10606252020-12-19106062522 - 1026723
  • Had a great afternoon with my brother fellowshipping and smacking some.ducks and geese.

    462Mallard10603242020-12-19106032423 - 1026422
  • N

    33Teal10608192020-12-1310608198 - 1026917
  • 3 GW teal, 1 gad, and a spoon. Had a great morning watching the sunrise with some old guys. I let my Dad shoot the spoony to build his self esteem. Not many opportunities for this time of year, but had a great time getting out and the dog got some exercise.

    53Teal10627952020-12-1910628371000029 - 1028839
  • I did not hunt. I was too tired when the alarm clock went off at 4:30 AM.

    1Other10622702020-12-1910622701000035 - 1028368
  • Not much flying. 1 wigeon, 1 speck. Fired 4 shots

    111Widgeon10605252020-12-19106052523 - 1026623
  • No ducks, high flying geese mostly, did not fire a shot. Picked up some trash/shells in the blind from other hunters. Lots of ducks loafing in area but none flying near us.

    3Other10608122020-12-0610608128 - 1026910
  • Did not fire a shot, no ducks . On another note, I would like to hunt Cherokee Slough some time, but it seems Bubba Harris, his crew and Max Hardy have it sewed up pretty every shoot day. Come on guys, give somebody else a chance to get some shooting since that seems to be the only blind that is working!

    2Other10608242020-12-1810608248 - 1026922
  • Great time hunting with Rick for the first time! A nice wind showed up and so did a couple of birds.

    213Widgeon10605242020-12-18106052423 - 1026622
  • Reporting for me, Bubba, David, and Max.
    Good wind but we were fighting the fog all morning. Shot most of our birds when fog lifted at 10AM ish. Good hunt.

    1124Mallard10608112020-12-22106052823 - 1026626
  • Reporting for Robert Jones…missed the correct dike to blind…hunted from dike for an hour and a half from start time …no birds in fog. Needed to be back home at noon for meeting. Sorry I missed the tank Evan…heard your calls however.

    1Other10628402020-12-2210628401000029 - 1028842
  • 12/22: 2 teal, 2 spoons, 2 widgeon, 2 sprig. 1 snow

    812Teal10628402020-12-2210628401000029 - 1028842
  • Got an opportunity to take two brand new hunters out, we should of had more ducks but there were some misses. It was a very blue bird day so 6 ducks is good considering the weather.

    63Mallard10605292020-12-23106052923 - 1026627
  • Reporting for Dale and I. Decent north wind around 20mph through morning. We shot 1 Spoon, 2 Bull Spring and 5 Widgeon. We probably should have killed two limits,..we sure put enough steel in sky., but struggled to connect in wind.

    82Widgeon10605362020-12-2310628411000029 - 1028843
  • 12-23-20, few groups of birds before shoot time. One missed bird few minutes after shoot time, then ducks disappeared. Was hoping wind would get them working.. Lots of geese in area. Blind in good condition.

    1Other10606292020-12-23106062922 - 1026727
  • 15-20 mph north wind. Was able to get my son out who is in the Army and home for Christmas break. It was a fun afternoon. He is very good with the speck call so we were fortunate to work a few in very close.

    442Pintail10603272020-12-22106032723 - 1026425
  • No fog and no wind through 10:00 am. Nothing flying…lots of ducks feeding both sides of Harbison Road however.

    11Spoonie10628422020-12-2410628421000029 - 1028844
  • Got there at 10 the fog lifted, a few birds flying but no shots fired.

    2Widgeon10605302020-12-24106053023 - 1026628
  • Did not make it out. Fog was to thick to drive in this morning and not safe with my kid in the truck. A Truck stopped on the freeway with hazard lights on to scared to move. Wasnt worth the risk

    1Other10605302020-12-24106053023 - 1026628
  • Day after Christmas hunt went well, a bit slow but finally was able to get some shots in. Birds are in the area but they’re still very wary of the blinds and are flying very high. Not an easy day by any means but time well spent.

    221Spoonie10628932020-12-2610608328 - 1026930
  • Lost a cripple. not many birds flying. left at 9:00

    1Widgeon10628442020-12-2610628441000029 - 1028846
  • Went out fro a few hours with my junior son. T-shirt weather, no birds. He still said he had fun though, so that’s all that matters.

    2Other10605022020-12-26106033123 - 1026429
  • I am posting from my phone so hopefully this is the correct date. 12/26/2020. Thank my boys for an awesome birthday hunt. They made me bday cake and had a candle in the blind. Who does that my boys do. We shot a limit of pigtail drakes. Super cool. Same me Happy birthday and had a great time in fellowship. Thanks boys. See you in the field again soon.

    104Pintail10626022020-11-0810626021000035 - 1028701
  • Nothing flying. No shots fired

    1Other10629272020-12-2610609328 - 1027030
  • .

    22Other10608192020-12-2710622781000035 - 1028376
  • Not to many ducks but we had some buzz us and we didn’t see them till last second only got one very pretty drake spoonie

    13Spoonie10605332020-12-27106053323 - 1026631
  • Well It was a slower hunt this Sunday but it is always fun to hang out with the fellas talking stories and love God. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

    124Spoonie10603322020-12-27106033223 - 1026430
  • Not many birds flying or using the adjoining clubs in the area around Cherokee Canal. Was able to coax a pair of sprig over the blind and harvested the drake.

    11Pintail10605342020-12-28106053423 - 1026632
  • No birds flying whatsoever.

    1Other10628932020-12-2710609338 - 1027031
  • lots activity from 30 min prior to shoot time to 30 minutes past shoot time then it got quiet. There’s definitely more ducks in the area than earlier in the season. The rain died down and the wind went away otherwise I think there would have been plenty of ducks. I could have had more ducks but wasn’t shooting my best. The geese are still around but grinding hard to the southwest and passing over high as usual. A few lower flying groups but nothing in range. The ground around the blind is pretty matted down. Looks like someone laid some straw down which helps but still getting pretty bare.

    11Spoonie10622792020-12-2810622791000035 - 1028377
  • Today we took William Berseth a 14 year old boy from our church. Whoa can this kid shoot. He took a single widgeon this morning totally committed our mojo. 1 Shot 1 kill. We had 2 spoonies come in 1 shot 1 kill and we cleaned up the other bird. a group of roughly 12 snows flying low over the blind and he shot 1 stone dead and we managed to get 2 more. Then another group of spoonies came in and this time 3 shots 1 down. Take a boy hunting and he will feed his family for life. Great job today William.

    534Widgeon10622802020-12-2910622801000035 - 1028378
  • No birds, slow day

    2Other10628462020-12-2810628461000029 - 1028848
  • N wind 5-10 MPH. Not many birds in the area, My son was able to call a speck from quite a ways away right into us and he shot it at about 20 yards. It was fun to sit back and video. We brushed the blind by adding some more cover.

    12Pintail10603342020-12-29106033423 - 1026432
  • Big grind to the northeast pulled all geese that way

    2Pintail10627972020-12-2910608358 - 1026933
  • Two flew over my head at shoot time while I was picking my nose. Two other singles came close, but no joy. Rest were high fliers.

    1Other10628242020-12-0610628241000029 - 1028826
  • Got to guide 2 juniors and their father. It was their first time hunting waterfowl and boy were they in for a surprise. 5 minutes after shoot time 3 spoonies flew in and buzzed the new hunters, needless to say they were not ready. Sadly that was the only chance for the rest of the morning, all geese were high and in large groups. No wind to push them down.

    3Other10622822020-12-3110622821000035 - 1028380
  • 5 widgeon. Two singles and one group worked right in. Not many ducks flying around. Wind kicked up 10-15mph around 10, but still no ducks. The dog retrieved all the birds and empty shells. Blind to the north and south did not fire a shot. The Southern side of the blind is low on water. Geese were all high. Happy new year!

    52Widgeon10628022020-12-3110628491000029 - 1028851
  • Reporting for Brian, Dale and I. A fair amount of ducks flying early, but stayed out of range. Brian killed sole Widgeon. We had about 10 Teal land in deeks of course we weren’t ready and missed all….funny how that happens. Wind 10mph and partly cloudy.

    13Widgeon10605362020-12-30106053623 - 1026634
  • Sorry for the late harvest report pelger was very slow with a 20mph wind had a few specks nothing really committed with the huge grind off to the south. Saw 4 ducks for 4 hours

    2Other10626552020-12-3110626551000035 - 1028754
  • Law of averages should’ve kicked in by now with this blind. Zero birds. Zero shots.

    1Other10628932021-01-0410608418 - 1026939
  • Had a few small groups of teal drop in and made most of the opportunity. No ducks flying after about 7:45

    41Teal10606392021-01-02106063922 - 1026737
  • Missed first birds again cuz yaking; got one outta two teals that landed in the decoys when the wind came up; talked a flight of widgeon in and picked off one. 1 year old pup retrieved both like a champ.

    22Widgeon10628242020-12-0610628241000029 - 1028826
  • Reporting for S. Paterson and myself. Few birds, High fog

    24Pintail10603382021-01-02106033823 - 1026436
  • 0

    2Other10607412021-01-0210629481000029 - 1028951
  • High fog no wind. Managed to kill 3 Widgeon, 2 Teal and 1 Spoon. Only had 5 or 6 groups of ducks come into blind from 8:00 -12:00. Brushed up blind.

    61Widgeon10605362021-01-0210628511000029 - 1028853
  • 1-3-21, Jason dO & JA, we shot two drake pintail, missed a few spoonies. Lots of Pintail flying, had group of 20 or so land just outside of decoys but had already shot ours so we sat and watched them hoping they would bring in more birds. No such luck.

    22Pintail10605402021-01-03106054023 - 1026638
  • The zeroes today are not the blind’s fault. Lots of action from shoot time until about 9. Then, a few strays. Let’s face it gentlemen, I have an eye for something other than hitting birds . . . Happy New Year!

    1Other10608402021-01-0310608408 - 1026938
  • Mr. Jones and me went a hunting. Nothing happened until about 10:30 (after Mr. Jones left) and a decent breeze came up. I got a Teal and a Widgeon. should have shot a double on the widgeon there were so many . . .

    22Widgeon10628502021-01-0110628501000029 - 1028852
  • Quiet day at Harbison. Beats the heck out of working. No birds.

    1Other10628482020-12-3010628481000029 - 1028850
  • This is getting embarressing.

    2Other10629462020-12-3110629461000029 - 1028949
  • Not much flying, missed a couple, Geese all very high, no wind, high fog

    11Widgeon10629492021-01-0310629491000029 - 1028952
  • Storm day and had 3 ducks come into shooting range.. Very few ducks even flying

    22Widgeon10622862021-01-0410622861000035 - 1028384
  • Surprisingly slow with wind and rain. 1 widgeon, 1 teal,

    23Widgeon10627952021-01-0410628531000029 - 1028855
  • 1/4/21, 2 spec 1 snow, missed pintail and 1 snow. Weather died out around 1:30. Guys South West sky busting. Guys north west got 15 snow, 6 spec, and couple ducks.

    32Other10626592021-01-0410626591000035 - 1028758
  • Big wind and rain, but just a lot of Sprig. One hunter no show- family emergency. 3 bull sprig and many more sailing over at 20 yds. 1 hen mallard and a wigeon. Missed shooting at a couple birds. Only saw 4 spoons and a few wigeon, but a ton of sprig. Post for Jim B, Tim C. and Ken Malone.

    53Pintail10605412021-01-04106054123 - 1026639
  • Finally some numbers ducks of ducks flying here today in the storm-only problem is that most of them were Sprig, and most were flying high, despite the weather. We got a few though. We got a guest his first duck ever-a bull sprig. Quite a few geese in the area, most traveling between grinds, but a few smaller groups seemed like they wanted to play but the spread was wrong-someone divided the snows in half between north and south-we have too few snows already to do that, but the rain kept us too pinned down to change mid-hunt.

    312Pintail10608412021-01-0410608418 - 1026939
  • Had a great time with Jim and Tim
    Also had a hen mallard 3 pintails
    And wigeon total of 5
    Wish they would change the law on pintails
    Could have had limits

    53Pintail10604902020-11-14106049023 - 1026588
  • Well, very few ducks flying this afternoon. Many geese skirted blind. The wind was there at 30+ mph. Only took 2 shots at group of Widgeon that worked to edge of deeks.

    1Other10605362021-01-0410629501000029 - 1028953
  • Weather pretty nice on a little fog. No ducks really flying- nothing close. Some geese high. Rearranged decoys and spread out – they where really clumped up. Blind need major brush up.

    1Other10608432021-01-0610608438 - 1026941
  • Reporting for me and the Harris brothers. One man limit. Green head, 3 GW teal, 2 widgeon, 1 boot lip.
    All of our ducks where shot early afternoon. Nothing flying towards the end of shoot light.

    73Widgeon10608112021-01-0610626611000035 - 1028760
  • not much flying at all. A few geese really high . reporting for Myself and Jeff Sr

    12Spoonie10629522021-01-0610629521000029 - 1028955
  • A few ducks moving before shoot time but nothing low afterwards. No shots fired

    1Pintail10628562021-01-0710628561000029 - 1028858
  • Pintail, pintail, pintail, all over, a few widgeon mixed in but unable to shoot them because they were in the middle of the pintail.

    22Pintail10605452021-01-08106054523 - 1026643
  • Not a bad day if I could shoot it would of been an easy limit of birds. 2 teal 1 mallard 1 pintail 1 wig. Have a blessed weekend!!

    51Mallard10626022020-11-0810626021000035 - 1028701
  • Many ducks on ponds before shoot time. Light north wind 5 -15mph. Killed bull Sprig, 1 Teal and lost Mallard drake in brush near blind.. Fair amount of ducks early and had enough shot opportunities for limit. Large goose grind west of blind. Our blind looks great and barely used.

    21Pintail10605362021-01-09106064622 - 1026744
  • Reporting for myself, Brad and Scott. 3 pintail, 2 spoonies, 1 speck. Good north wind. Not a lot of ducks, and just about all were pintail

    513Pintail10605462021-01-09106054623 - 1026644
  • No shots fired. Only 2 ducks flew somewhat close and no geese low.

    3Other10608462021-01-0910608468 - 1026944
  • Fir me and mr Jones….A couple ducks in sight; but none close enough to shoot.; a few speck if you know how to call em; but I don’t

    2Other10628242021-01-0910622911000035 - 1028389
  • We got 2 teal. Geese and pintail were too high. A few teal wanted to land in the decoys. Thanks to Will and Brian for some straw as it was getting muddy out there. Thanks to Ken for carting out a bale this morning.

    22Teal10627952021-01-0910628581000029 - 1028860
  • Thought my harvest report reported but it didn’t from Friday should of had a single man limit in 45 min if I could shoot. Not bad a decent amount of birds flying…

    51Mallard10626632021-01-0810626631000035 - 1028762
  • Love spending time with my brother nothing like being in Gods creation and harvesting some freezer meat. Not to much activity a ton of geese no commitment 3 mallards 1 spec 1 snow have a great week!!

    322Mallard10626652021-01-1010626651000035 - 1028764
  • Lots of spoons around the area. Snows and specks are flying over frequently en masse but nowhere near low enough for a clean shot.

    11Spoonie10628592021-01-1010628591000029 - 1028861
  • Warm afternoon in the blind. Huge grind of geese 2 ponds over to the west. Later in the afternoon I got a few ducks flying by – shot a widgeon and a pin.

    21Widgeon10627852021-01-1110626661000035 - 1028765
  • Had a lot of ducks fly in early shot three shots at some shooter balls that were flybys geese were too high had 4 cups of coffee and good fellowship

    2Pintail10604902020-11-14106049023 - 1026588
  • Eerily quiet. No shots fired.

    1Teal10628612021-01-1210628611000029 - 1028863
  • Mr Greenhead and a hen. 1 nice looking sprig. 2 snows. Could of taken more but I had A new hunter hunter out and let him do almost all of the shooting.
    These late season birds seem really educated. Very decoy and call shy. Hard to get them within an ethical shooting distance.

    324Pintail10608112021-01-1210622941000035 - 1028392
  • Not much flying, reporting for Brian and I, a couple of shots but just the one big Greenhead!

    12Mallard10628622021-01-1310628621000029 - 1028864
  • Clear and small SW wind. Not many ducks, but had a few work. Harvest a wigeon and pintail. Birds seem call shy so dont call. Lots of geese in the area and played with a couple specks but couldn’t get them low enough to shoot. Bring some full body decoys and speck hunters could probably do okay.

    21Widgeon10622952021-01-1310622951000035 - 1028393
  • Socked in with fog. Some ducks have been moving closer from the west, across the road to the south, as they feed off the fields over there, as they do every year. They’re late this year but might get some soon.

    1Other10608512021-01-1410608518 - 1026949
  • No ducks at all. Geese were high. I heard the ducks landing in the pond when at the car after it was dark.

    1Other10626702021-01-1510626701000035 - 1028769
  • Very few birds. Only other opportunity was a pair of teal. Not many geese flying

    11Pintail10605532021-01-16106055323 - 1026651
  • 1-16-21, not much wind despite predictions. One pintal, missed opportunity on couple snows.

    12Pintail10622982021-01-1610622981000035 - 1028396
  • One teal shot; one wounded sprig found.

    22Teal10605902021-01-1510608528 - 1026950
  • A good chance it teal early in the morning. A good chance at snows but the people to the north standing on the levee spooked them to the west.I called in a pair of sprig but muffed . Lots of spec but alas outside of the zone

    1Other10605902021-01-1610628651000029 - 1028867
  • All birds flying high

    2Other10608472021-01-1010608478 - 1026945
  • Had the afternoon reserved but found out when we got there that one of us (me) forgot to load the chest waders. No sense in going out when we wouldn’t have been able to get any ducks we shot because none of us wanted to wade to pick us ducks! Oh well…lesson learned.

    2Other10629622021-01-1610629621000029 - 1028965
  • Managed to get a shot off at a pack of wayward snows and took one down. Absolutely zero ducks in the area. There are a lot of high flying geese bouncing back and forth across the road but that’s about it. Easy drive and convenient location keep me coming back but this blind has not seen much action this season. Spoke to one of the guys who has the blind just north east of ours and he said they’ve shot less than 30 birds total all season so it’s not just us (thankfully, I guess).

    12Other10628932021-01-1810608558 - 1026953
  • Decent N wind picked up right around shoot time.. Lots of pintail and teal on the natural club to our west. Every time they would shoot over there it would kick some groups up and a few would break my way. Once they presumably finished their limits and left, the flight died off.

    51Teal10628662021-01-1710628661000029 - 1028868
  • Good hunt. Could of had more but partner was having gun issues. 2 Pintails 2 spoonies.

    42Pintail10608112021-01-16106065322 - 1026751
  • 1-17-21 Slow but had some geese come over but 10 minutes till end of shoot time and ducks started coming in

    12Pintail10626722021-01-1710626721000035 - 1028771
  • Lots of Sprig around. a few teal, a few spoons. The sprig are a little decoy shy for some reason-maybe they’ve been hanging in the area for a bit. If I were to hunt it again, I’d take all the duck decoys on whatever corner is most downwind, most likely SE and throw them all over to the west with the others and create a big open side for them to come into.

    32Pintail10606552021-01-18106065522 - 1026753
  • Reporting for myself, John and Jason. 3 pintail. That was all that was flying strong north wind, nothing but pintail.

    33Pintail10605552021-01-18106055523 - 1026653
  • Reporting for Brian and myself, nothing but Pintail, missed a few early Spoonies and Teal, had a flock of about 300 Pintail come in and land just outside the decoys and we had live decoys for about an hour and a half, but all that came in were Pintail and Specks, of course all of them were in easy range, oh well!

    22Pintail10628672021-01-1810628671000029 - 1028869
  • JimB and I had 30+ mph north wind this morning. Fair amount of ducks first hour and we struggled connecting in wind. Killed 1 bull sprig, 2 Widgeon and 1 snow goose….lost a second snow goose cripple across pond.

    312Widgeon10605362021-01-1810623001000035 - 1028398
  • Got into the snows a little bit this afternoon including a blue goose! Specks refused to finish. Only saw a few ducks flying high, had one group of sprig fly in shooting range but too clumped together to risk the shot. Leave the wind duck at home!

    41Pintail10626732021-01-1810626731000035 - 1028772
  • One more teal after Evan left. Lots of sprig; a few spec but nothing else flying.

    12Teal10628242021-01-18106065522 - 1026753
  • Windy

    193Other10608192020-12-1310608198 - 1026917
  • 2 Sprig. Watched about 10-15 different groups of all pintail sit down right into the decoys. Wish we had more winds days like this throughout the season.

  • 2 Sprig. Watched about 10-15 different groups of all pintail sit down right into the decoys.

    22Pintail10608112021-01-18106075522 - 1026853
  • 1 pintail. Lots of pintail flying, but slightly out of range. Some teal landed outside the decoys.

    13Pintail10627952021-01-2310628721000029 - 1028874
  • Great wind no birds!!!!!

    233Pintail10623012021-01-1910623011000035 - 1028399
  • The epic hunt you dream about!!! 40-50+ northeast gale!!! Pintails and tailgater widgeon flights for hours! A couple of mallards dropped in and bagged the greenhead! Then 2 snows made the wrong choice to glide over our blind and they went nighty night!!! God is good, great shoot in a great setting!!

    721Pintail10628682021-01-1910628681000029 - 1028870
  • pintail plus two sponies….lots of pins

    31Pintail10605562021-01-19106055623 - 1026654
  • Windy day. 5 snows, 4 specks, 1 sprig. 99% of the ducks seen were sprig.

    192Pintail10608562021-01-1910608568 - 1026954
  • Very little working the blind on this afternoon hunt. Some sneaky snows and one got cut down but otherwise no other opportunities without sky raking. Blind is clean, cover doing decent, low water.

    13Other10629032021-01-1910626741000035 - 1028773
  • Pelger blind has no water. Great conditions for goose hunting. Our entire field was covered in geese when I got there and they merely moved over to field next to ours. I did get 1 Snow goose and left at 8:30am.

    0011Other10605362021-01-2210623041000035 - 1028402

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