The G1 Duck Club, based in Roseville/Granite Bay, CA, is a Christian values-based community duck club.  This does not mean you must attend church to join or be a Christ follower. We welcome all people, but all members must follow our rules that are based on good family values.

We strive for our members to build friendships with other members and enjoy our family-friendly club.  We want an environment that everyone would be proud to bring their kids and wife and be good stewards of the lands we lease for hunting. We believe long-term relationships are important!

Our club grew out of Bayside Adventure Sports and in 2017 we started Natomas Basin Duck Club LLC to easier handle club funds and save costs on annual Hunting Club Insurance and in other areas. Our Staff is made up of volunteers, some who work on club duties year-round. None of our staff is paid but are compensated with either full or partial club memberships. We do not have a board or elected officers because we offer no paid compensation. All funds are utilized by staff to the best of our efforts for the duck club and members.

We pride ourselves in being the e only club around that follows the R3 model of Fish and Wildlife, whereas, we take junior hunters out at no cost to them, introducing them to the world of hunting, teaching them how to hunt ethically and providing them with the tools to learn how to hunt. We also include their adult chaperones, as they are the ones who take the juniors out hunting.

It takes a lot of time and effort, more than most people realize, to run a quality club this size. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help on staff that have a heart to serve others. Please contact us if interested. Consolidated annual financials and staff positions are posted on our website for members to review.

As a “Community Club”, we require all members to help with essential pre-season, during the season, and after the season workdays. This can consist; of pre-season decoy and equipment cleaning, repair, doing quality blind setup and brushing so we can maximize our opportunities during waterfowl season. Lastly at season end picking up and storing all equipment at our designated storage facility. All your help keeps membership fees as low as reasonably as possible. There is an option to buy-out all workdays- see rules.

Our membership price is very competitive as a result of  the efforts volunteer staff and members put into maintaining and helping the club operate efficiently. With this we offer multiple properties and multiple blinds at a variety of locations in the Sacramento Valley stretching from north of the Sacramento International airport to south of Richvale.

Specific blind locations can change over time as we are always looking to upgrade to the best area and properties we can find. But we strive to have multiple blinds in close proximity to Roseville as well as other blinds at various locations north in the valley to hunt. We have an annual membership quota (and corresponding waitlist). We limit a member’s hunting to three (3) days week with a fourth day in any northern blind locations that get lower utilization.  We want all members to have equal opportunities to hunt with the focus on a quality hunting experience than on the number of birds bagged.

Membership Includes:

  • Access to all our properties and blinds.
  • Access to G1 Outdoors Website & G1 Facebook page for posts and pictures.
  • Website Online Reservation System that provides visibility to all properties/blinds available to hunt on any day. You can see who’s already signed up and if there’s a dog in the group; note that only one dog is allowed in a blind unless mutually agreed by the member having a dog wh0 signed up first.

Sky busting is not tolerated; we want the birds to be able to work in range whether at your blind or an adjacent one where your “partner member” is hunting.  We do not look kindly on attempts to call off birds that are actively working another members’ blind.  We want to teach old school water fowling, respect and be a good example to new hunters and juniors that come out quite often.

Every Member is required to sign a release form(s) and the club rules, both of which are strictly enforced.  No alcohol, smoking or swearing is allowed in the hunt areas or while hunting. We are a self- policing club. We ask people to sort things out respectfully and if needed contact a staff member. We will error on the side of grace, but if someone continues to ignore or break rules, he or she will have their membership terminated.

As opportunities and resources permit (primarily volunteer efforts of members), we try to provide other events like turkey hunts, dove hunts, clay-target shootings, etc. to build more community and friendship’s between members. The following link will take you to our specific Club Rules.

If you are interested in getting on the wait list to join the BAS-G1 Duck Club, please click on the following link and submit the required information.

YES, I would like to be added to the Waiting List for membership in the BAS-G1 Duck Club