G1 based in Roseville/ Granite Bay, CA  is a Christian values based community duck club. This does not mean you need to attend church to join or more importantly be a believer in our Savior Jesus Christ- we welcome all people, but all members must follow our rules or not be invited back. We strive for our members to build friendships with other members and enjoy our club together as a family friendly club. We all work hard together on pre-season field days to set it up and post-season take down. Our membership price is very competitive, but we also offer access to multiple properties and multiple blinds so you can roam around the Sacramento Valley to pursue your passion for waterfowl with like hunters. We control the member count, assuring access to a seat every day you can sign up. Members are limited to hunting 3 days in a rolling 7 day week.

Membership Includes:

Access to all our properties and blinds.

Access to G1 Outdoors Website & G1 Facebook page for posts and pictures.

An Online Reservation System that provides visibility to all properties and blinds,  who’s signed up already, if there’s a dog in the group  …only one dog allowed unless mutually agreed.

We strive to keep sky busting under control,  allowing the birds to work in.  We want an environment to bring our kids and wife out to,  and happy farms allowing us to come back.

Every Member is Required to sign both a release form and the club rules, which are strictly enforced. No alcohol or smoking in the hunt areas or while hunting.

We expect our members to help setup, maintain, and take down the club each season, BBQ’s are usually provided.

As opportunities permit, we try to provide other events like turkey hunts, dove hunts,  clay target shootings….

Read our club rules here.